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Jim Babbage

Designer, Author, Video Presenter, Community Professional, AEL

Jim BabbageBio: Jim's passion to share knowledge, take photographs, and manipulate images led him to long-lasting careers in those areas as a  college professor and creative professional. Jim is a regular contributor to Community MX, where he's written hundreds of articles on Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and general web and photography topics and he has spoken at Adobe MAX and D2WC. Currently, Jim is a Solutions Consultant for Adobe, supporting the Canadian educational sales team.

Erik Bernskiold

Designer, Podcaster, Trainer

ErikBio: Erik Bernskiold is a web designer and technology geek who spends his days building websites for clients at XLD Studios and training people in web design and other media creation at Bernskiold Media.

Garth Braithwaite

Adobe UX demi-god, Author, Community Professional, podcaster

GarthBio: User Experience Designer, HTML5 & CSS3 Coder, Technical Trainer, Speaker, Author.

Actionscript, Advanced CSS, CakePHP, HTML5, Javascript, MySQL, NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, Rails

Pariah Burke

Hybrid, Author, Community Professional

PariahBio: Pariah S. Burke ( is a software trainer and design, publishing, and digital publishing workflow expert bringing creative efficiency into studios, agencies, and publications around the world. He is the author of the first InDesign book written for experienced InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5/CS5.5 users with jobs to do, Mastering InDesign for Print Design and Production, and other books on InDesign, Creative Suite, Adobe Illustrator, and QuarkXPress; author of more than 250 published tutorials and articles; co-author of the InDesign CS4 & CS5 and Illustrator CS4 & CS5 Adobe Certified Expert exams; an Adobe Community Professional; the former trainer and technical lead for InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat to Adobe's own technical support team; the host of a series of digital publishing, epub, and the business of design Webinars; a freelance graphic designer with 20 years experience; a WordPress and social media evangelist; and the publisher of a network of Websites, communities, and tools for creative professionals, the Workflow: Network ( When not on the road training, consulting, or speaking, Pariah lives in Phoenix, AZ where he writes (a lot) and creates (many) projects and publications to empower, inform, and connect creative professionals.

Jon Campos

Developer, Author, Community Professional/UG Manager

Jon CamposBio: Jonathan Campos has been specifically building web applications since 2000 using a variety of tools and languages for many different clients. The technologies include: PHP, MYSQL, POSTGRES, Flash, Flex, AIR, Actionscript, Javascript, and Ruby. Jonathan is currently the Director of Software Development at Dedo Interactive Inc. in Dallas Texas and Co-Owner of UnitedMindset with friend Dimi Arhontidis. Jonathan leads various development teams and advises for multiple companies around the world along with being an active trainer in Flex development.

April Clark

Designer/UG Manager

April ClarlBio: April Clark, owner of Nuance Consulting LLC, is an international consultant and trainer for web and print publishing professionals. April is an Adobe Certified Instructor, an Adobe Community Professional and co-founder/co-chapter representative for the Cleveland InDesign User Group. April specializes in helping graphic designers take advantage of the power of the entire Adobe® Creative Suite®. She has been working in the field of graphic design since 1992. She has taught classes at Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga Community College and currently teaches continuing education classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She has also spoken frequently for Adobe at AIGA chapters across the U.S. and in Toronto, Canada. In October 2011, April presented the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite at Adobe Creative Camp Wellington in New Zealand.

Chris Georgeness

Flash Designer, Animator, Author

Chris GBio: Chris Georgenes started life like most humans, covered in placenta and with minimal motor skills. It was not long before he learned how to use both hands and feet as a groove-oriented drummer in a variety of rock bands. Upon standing fully erect, he attended a fine art school and received his BFA. Years later someone invented the Internet, and then another person invented Flash. Riding on the coattails of these two individuals, Georgenes was able to carve a unique niche for himself using both tools. In recent years Chris has been the art director for Say Design Games, Acclaim Games, Playdom Games, Disney Interactive Media Group and is now enjoying being part of the team at Game Show Network Digital as the Director of Creative Development.

Tom Green

Designer, Author, Video presenter, Community Professional, AEL

Tom GreenBio: Having been involved with Post Secondary education for over a decade and an active member of the international, national and local New Media Communities, I have jammed a lot of experience into a relatively short time frame. Nine books in seven years, a ton of speaking engagements , Adobe Community Expert, Adobe Education Leader (Post Secondary),Community MX partner and other activities are a good example of that one. The biggest surprise so far has been my being lumped in with a group of 10 influential Flash Designers that Adobe pulled together to celebrate the 10'th anniversary of Flash. It was both a huge honor and rather humbling because, to be included in with that crew, is rather scary. The Flash ride has been one long,strange trip and it looks like it continues... here's to 10 more years.

Chris Griffith

Developer, Hybrid, Author, Community Professional

Chris GriffithBio: I am a Staff Engineer in the User Experience group at Qualcomm, Inc. I have over 15 years experience developing a wide range of prototypes for a variety of clients. I currently work with the full spectrum of the Flash Platform from mobile devices to web/desktop

I am also presently the manager of the San Diego Flash User Group and the Flash Catalyst Community Lead for Adobe Systems, Inc, as well as an Adobe Community Professional. I am regularly invited to speak at conferences such as Adobe MAX, 360Flex, D2WC, and various user groups.

I also am involved with the National Science Foundation's National Science Digital Library project. Recently I have developed several iPhone applications. I also write for and O'Reilly's InsideRIA. When I am not coding, I am either spending time with my family or out sea kayaking.

Val Head

Designer, Hybrid, Event organizer

ValBio: Val is totally into design, type and code. She is an independent designer and consultant who wants to see the internet stay as awesome as possible. Sometimes she puts pixels aside to draw letters and screen print, sew LEDs into things, or send lots of mail. She speaks internationally at conferences about design and interaction. She also runs a popular web design conference, Web Design Day, in Pittsburgh and a local creative coding meet up, Loop Pittsburgh. She tweets too much at @vlh and blogs almost enough at

Dave Hogue

Designer, Video, FW Guru

Dave HogueBio: David M. Hogue, Ph.D. is Vice President of Experience Design (Fellow) at Fluid in San Francisco. He has 15 years experience studying and designing interfaces and combines his skills as an interaction designer and applied psychologist to bring deeper insight into visitor and customer behavior and motivation. Dave teaches information design, interaction design, social media, and mobile design courses at SFSU, is an author for, and has a special interest in design process, methodology, and strategy. Clients include The North Face, Reebok, Timberland, Warner Bros., Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Sears, JC Penney and Sur La Table.

Jeffry Houser

Developer, podcaster, component creator

Jeffry HouserBio: Jeffry Houser is a technical entrepreneur that likes to share cool stuff with other people.

Jeffry is the Brains behind Flextras, a set of user interface Flex Components that save you time and help you create better Flex applications. He has a Computer Science degree from the days before business met the Internet and has solved a problem or two in his programming career. In 1999, Jeffry started DotComIt, a company specializing in Rich Internet Applications with Flex and ColdFusion.

Jeffry is an Adobe Community Professional and produces The Flex Show, a podcast with expert interviews and screencast tutorials. He hosts the Flextras Friday Lunch Podcast, a weekly live Q&A session where you can get your programming questions answered and also runs where you can get your questions answered privately. Jeffry is one of the initial contributors to Apache Flex and has spoken at user groups and conferences all over the US. He is manager of the Online Flex Meetup Group, author of three technical books, over 30 articles, and hundreds of podcasts.

In his spare time Jeffry is a musician, old school adventure game aficionado, recording engineer, and he owns a Wii. Find more about Flextras at, ask Jeffry Questions at, or check out his podcast at, or you can read his personal blog at

Steven Hoober

Designer, Mobile / UX Author

Steven HooberBio: Steven Hoober has been documenting design process for all of his 15 year design career, and entered mobile full time in 2007 when he joined Little Springs Design. His work includes Designing by Drawing, the O'Reilly book Desiging Mobile Interfaces, and an extensive reference mobile resources website to support it. Steven has led projects on security, account management, content distribution, and communications services for numerous products, from construction supplies to hospital recordkeeping. Steven's mobile work has included design of browsers, e-readers, search, NFC, mobile banking, data communications, location, and OS overlays. Steven spent eight years at U.S. mobile operator Sprint, and has also worked with AT&T, Qualcomm, Samsung, Skyfire, Bitstream, VivoTech, The Weather Channel, Bank Midwest, IGLTA, Lowe's, and Hallmark Cards. He is currently a User Experience Architect with diesel engine maker Cummins. 

He has shared the patterns from Designing Mobile interfaces, and collects other patterns and tools to help with mobile design at

Rob Huddleston

Developer, Author, Community Professional, Teacher/Instructor

RobBio: Rob Huddleston is an Adjunct Professor at the Art Institute of
California, Sacramento in the Web Design and Interactive Media
department California, Sacramento in the Web Design and Interactive Media department, where he teaches programming and design, focusing heavily on mobile development. He has been creating web pages and applications since 1994, and worked for many years as a corporate trainer, where he taught web and graphic design to thousands of students from all walks of life.

Rob is the author of "XML: Your visual blueprint™ for building expert websites using XML, CSS, XHTML"; "HTML, XHTML and CSS: Your visual blueprint™ for designing effective websites"; "Master VISUALLY: Dreamweaver CS4 and Flash Professional CS4"; "ActionScript 3: Your visual blueprint™ for creating interactive projects in Flash CS4 Professional"; "Adobe Flash Catalyst Bible"; "Teach Yourself VISUALLY Web Design", two editions of "Android: Fully Loaded", and two more upcoming titles around the next edition of Creative Suite. When he is not writing or teaching, Rob hangs out with his wife and two children, runs the Sacramento Adobe Users Group, sees a ridiculous number of movies, and obsesses about Firefly and Serenity. You can contact Rob via his website at or follow him on Twitter at

Kai Koenig

Developer, Community Professional, Author, Event Organizer

KaiBio: Kai is a Software Solutions Architect from New Zealand. A few years ago he started a new venture providing professional services for Adobe's rich client and enterprise technologies as well as other web platforms under the brand Ventego Creative.

Before that he spent a few years working as a Software Solutions Architect for various Marcomedia and Adobe partner companies in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Kai started his career quite a few years ago when using Dreamweaver 2 to build HTML web pages during an university class. From there he lectured software development in Java before moving into software development using ColdFusion, Java, Flash, Flex, JavaScript, jQuery and many other technologies.

Kai holds a variety of Adobe certifications and is an Adobe Master Instructor for the Flex, ColdFusion, Connect and LiveCycle curriculum. He has a Master of Science degree in Maths, Computer Science and Philosophy and always tries to find a way of digging deeper into the theories of language and parser construction.

He's an Adobe Ambassador in the AsiaPacific region, an Adobe Community Professional and runs the Adobe Web Development User Group in Wellington, New Zealand. Besides that Kai is blogging as Agent K in Blog in Black (, regularly publishing reviews and technical articles on Adobe technology in several German IT-magazines and enjoying his life in New Zealand jointly with his wife Diane. These days, the best way to get in touch with him is Twitter: @agentK.

Joseph Labrecque

Developer, Adobe Education Leader, Author

JosephSession: The Flashy Side of Adobe Edge

Description: What features could Adobe Edge possibly include that would appeal to designers and developers working in Flash Professional? Well, turns out to be a whole lot! From authoring motion content to rich interactivity for the web, Edge effectively borrows a lot of the familiar constructs and paradigms from Flash Professional - and even improves upon some. We'll walk through similarities between Flash Professional and Edge and how designers familiar with older toolsets can adapt that knowledge when integrating Edge into their workflow. We'll also look at methods of sharing assets and the transport of content between related applications.

Bio: Joseph Labrecque is primarily employed by the University of Denver as a senior interactive software engineer specializing in the Adobe Flash Platform, where he produces innovative academic toolsets for both traditional desktop environments and emerging mobile spaces. Joseph has contributed to a number of respected community publications as an article writer and video tutorialist and is author of the Flash Development for Android Cookbook, Packt Publishing (2011), What's New in Adobe AIR 3, O'Reilly Media (2011), What's New in Flash Player 11, O'Reilly Media (2011), Adobe Edge Quickstart Guide, Packt Publishing (2012), Learning Adobe Edge, Packt Publishing (2012), and serves as author on a number of video training publications through Video2Brain, Adobe Press, and Peachpit Press. He is also the proprietor of Fractured Vision Media, LLC; a digital media production company, technical consultancy, and distribution vehicle for his creative works. In 2010, he received an Adobe Impact Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the education community. Joseph serves as an Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Community Professional.

David Ortinau


DavidBio: For 16 years, David Ortinau has been creating digital experiences, chasing people's attention across an ever expanding variety of mediums. He utilizes skills in a variety of technologies maintaining a focus on delivering measurable and meaningful change for individuals. David currently grinds away every day on a team of talented developers with ThisLife, a Palo Alto startup, to solve the all too familiar challenge of "how do I securely preserve all of my photos and videos".

Aaron Pedersen

Developer, Author

AaronBio: Founding Partner / Web Application Architect

Aaron Pedersen is the co-founder of DevelopmentArc with James Polanco. He brings a over a decade of web application experience to the team from working with many startup and Fortune 500 companies. Aaron currently focuses on user interface technologies such as the Adobe Flash Platform (Adobe Flex, AIR) and JavaScript. He believes that up-front planning and team cooperation is key to the success of any web application for today's web environment.

Aaron was a speaker at Adobe Max 2009 in Los Angeles speaking about "Delivering Successful Flash Platform Projects" and "Workflows for the Flash Platform." He was also a speaker at Adobe Max 2008 in both San Francisco and Milan, Italy speaking on "Flex Best Practices" for designers and for developers.

Aaron has been a lead, planner and architect on projects that include many private and public web applications. Among the public sites that he is excited to highlight include:,,Toyota's "Build Your Toyota" configurator, the Yahoo Mail Flickr application, and WorkflowLab. WorkflowLab was the first chance for DevelopmentArc to implement Flex 4 Component Lifecycle research ideas into a production environment. WorkflowLab is now available on Adobe Labs.

James Polanco

Developer, Author

James PolancoBio: Founding Partner / Web Application Architect

James Polanco is a web application architect and co-founder of DevelopmentArc, who focuses on the Flash Platform (Flash, AIR, Flex, etc.). He has been dabbling with Flash since the beginning, but became serious about development and research with the release of Flash MX. Over the years James has focused primarily on ActionScript development, design patterns and component implementations which became a natural fit for Flex development and web application planning and architecture.

James has worked on, lead and planned projects such as,,, Libsyn Podcast Analytics Dashboard, Fake Science Music Store, ILM The show, Adobe Kuler, Nortel's Energy Efficiency Calculator, Adobe WorkflowLab and many other projects and applications for startups to Fortune 500 companies. He is an avid blogger, author, speaker and researcher focusing on technology implementations, best practices and analysis of web enabled tools and technologies. When he has free time (which is rare now-a-days), he is also a DJ, producer, snow boarder and amateur rock climber.

Terry Ryan

Developer, Adobe Evangelist, Author

Terry RyanBio: I'm a 35 year old redhead geek from Philly. I'm currently a Developer Evangelist for Adobe. Also the author of Driving Technical Change

Mollie Rusher

On3 president and CEO

FrancisBio: Mollie Rusher co-founded On3, and has served as the president and CEO since 2001. Balancing her business background with her inner geek, her role has been both managerial and strategic. She is passionate about the software development industry and community, and is especially concerned about the lack of women in computing. The number of women in high-tech is only likely to improve if we work to make that happen. Her call to action for you today is to become a mentor and encourage young women you know to pursue careers in computing and engineering by showing them how totally cool it can be! Just ask her; she'll tell you!

Title: The "Dave-to-Women" Ratio

Description: You may have noticed that there a fewer women than men in computing, but at one college they were horrified to find that there were more guys named 'Dave' than women in the CS Department! We’ll take a look at the statistics around women in computing, why you should care, and how you can help to turn it around.

Jason Salge

Mobile Developer - Sprint

FrancisBio: My background is software development, specializing in performance, scalability, and flexibility. I'm currently on my second tour of duty as mobile apps developer at Sprint, working on the new version of Sprint Zone and Sprint Guardian for our Android devices. My first tour was developing mobile apps in J2ME and BREW, but some of the more interesting projects in my career have included digital cockpits for general aviation, optimizing search algorithms, and electronic stock trading.

Justin Seeley

Designer, staff presenter, Community Professional

JustinBio: Justin Seeley is a renowned software trainer and graphic designer with nearly a decade's worth of experience in the creative media industry. His podcasts consistently rank among the top software how-to podcasts on the iTunes Store and his techniques have been featured on a variety of internet shows and digital publications. To date Justin has authored over 50 hours of instructional content on a variety of digital imaging and design related topics for companies like Total Training, Ten Ton Books, and most and CreativeLIVE.

Ryan Stewart

Developer, Adobe Evangelist, Author

Ryan StewartBio: Ryan Stewart is a Web Developer Evangelist for Adobe Systems. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics he started on the Flash Platform by building eLearning rich Internet applications in Flex 1.5 and ColdFusion 7 for the Wharton School of Business. He is a long time blogger and had a prominent blog on ZDNet where he covered all sides of rich Internet applications. He has spoken at a number of industry conferences including Web 2.0 Expo, Adobe MAX, 360|Flex, SXSW, PHP Tek, and Web Design World. When not working with the latest Adobe technology you can find him in Seattle where he enjoys making beer, mountaineering, and spending as much time as possible in the outdoors. You can email him at or find his blog at

Jeff Stone

Mobile Developer - Sprint

Ryan StewartBio: Jeff Stone manages a mobile application development team at Sprint-Nextel, focused on software to enable and extend open mobile platforms. He has an extensive software development background designing and developing apps for various mobile platforms, web services, and middleware. While interested in all things mobile and electronic gadgetry, he has been focused on Android development for the past couple of years.


Ben Stucki

Developer, Author, Community Professional

Ben StuckiBio: Ben Stucki is a Software Engineer, Interaction Designer and Founder of DAIO ( He has more than 10 years of experience building complex, client-side software and believes that good developers and great design are what make viable business models viable businesses.

James Williamson

Hybrid, Senior Author, Book Author, Community Professional

James WilliamsonBio: James Williamson is a senior author for and an Adobe Certified Instructor. He has many years of web, print, and digital video experience, and has been a featured speaker at Flashforward as well as a regular speaker at Adobe MAX. James also blogs (infrequently) about all things web at his site, Simple Primate, which can be found at

Doug Winnie

Hybrid, Author, web manager

Doug WinnieBio: Doug Winnie has been an interactive designer and developer for many years working in various industries including higher education, e-learning, retail, utilities, agencies and software development. Doug is currently Senior Content Manager for the Web & Interactive Segment at, responsible for the courses and curriculum for web design, development, interactive design, user experience, gaming and mobile.

In addition to his work at Lynda, Doug is an instructor at San Francisco State University teaching interactive programming and mobile content development. He is also the founder and principal of SFDesigner//DW Studios, developer of mobile applications and games for multiple platforms.

Before Lynda, Doug was Principal/Group Product Manager at Adobe Systems for their leading interactive, web and design products including Adobe Edge, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and the Flash Platform authoring tools. He has been a champion for education and workflow for designers and developers and is the author of two books from PeachPit Press: "Flash Platform from Start to Finish" and "Fundamentals of ActionScript 3.0: Design and Develop"

Doug can be reached on Twitter using the handle @sfdesigner, or can be found on his blog at